Welcome to the Stanley Gibbons Blue Competition


Entry and voting for the SG Blues 2020 competition is now CLOSED. 

Earn a “Stanley Gibbons Blue”


At some of the most prestigious institutions in the UK, the “Blues” are awarded to those who represent the highest level of excellence in their field. Here at Stanley Gibbons, we’re awarding these to the collectors who embody stamp collecting’s best quality: its ability to preserve history’s most significant moments.


What story does your philatelic collection tell?

Our competition is for stamp collectors, both new and advanced. The challenge: show us, in a single sheet, how your items opens a window into a significant historical moment. No extra points for value, quality or condition.


How do I participate?

  • Gather photo(s) of your item or collection. This can be a scanned sheet or a series of clear, high-quality photos shot on your phone.
  • Write a description of what the item or collection and include the historical moment it represents.
  • Combine both those elements into a showcase-ready presentation.
  • Submit your entry to our competition.


What is the judging process?

Entries will be classified into either Apprentice or Master groups. All approved entries will be showcased on our website and open to a public vote. Master entries will be reviewed by our panel of judges.


When is the deadline?

The deadline for all entries is 2 May, 2020. Winners will be announced on 11 May, 2020.